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Traitor Mode - Basics

The basic idea of the Traitor Mode is that one of the three or four players is selected as a Traitor. If there is two or less players, no Traitor gets selected. Traitor gets selected only after everyone has selected their character, and a text will appear either saying "You're the Traitor" or "A Traitor has been selected..."

The other players have to find out who the Traitor is, while the Traitor has to sabotage the Combine without being found out. In the current maps the non-traitor players have to defend a Combine Main Frame or the Advisor Pods, while they are being attacked by the Hostiles. The non-traitor players then win, if they can defend them long enough. The Traitor, on the other hand, wins if he manages to sabotage the Combine forces enough, so that the Main Frame or Advisor Pods health goes to zero.

Both the Traitor and the other metrocops have an Objectives hud showing what the Director thinks they should be doing. The Objectives are everything from getting the Generator back online, protecting the Main Frame that is under attack, finding a Stalker to fix a Combine Interface, and so on.

Combine Interfaces

Combine Interfaces can be used to disable & enable a number of things such as Combine Shields, Combine Turrets, lock and unlock doors, and start a vote to set someone as a Combine Target. They are powered by a generator, and can't be used if the generator is down. They usually have a blue glow on them, and show the Combine Interface icon. Combine Interfaces can be hacked by the Traitor, and then can't be used by others than the Traitor, the glow will turn red, and will show the Lamdba icon.

Combine Shields are normally blue and let only Combine forces through. If the Combine Interface connected to them is hacked, though, they turn red, Combine forces no longer get through, while the Traitor and the Hostiles can. Combine Turrets will also attack the Combine forces if hacked, and will disable if the generator is down.

Generators are usually connected to a single Combine Interface, but if that Interface is hacked the Generator will turn "unstable". Unstable Generators are red and can be disabled by throwing a grenade into them.

Playable Character

On the beginning of each round, the players can select their character from one of the four: Noah, Larson, Eloise, and Anders. Each have their own unique abilities and perks.


"Hostiles" is the name for the Rebels and the Xenians (Vortigaunts, Alien Grunts, and Alien Controllers). They are all on the Traitors side, but they will attack the Unrevealed Traitor.

See also: Playing as a Traitor, Playing as a Non-Traitor Civil Protection Officer

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