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info_node_link &

Read Valve's wiki on info_node_link.

info_node_link and info_node_link_controller are made to support the multitude of enemies that you usually have in a Human Error Coop map. This is only the removal of the string based AllowUse and InvertAllow variables that are now replaced with the integer based HEAllowUse ("Allow Pass When Off") variable. You now have three choices for the allow use. 1. "None", which means that when the link is turned off, no-one can pass. 2. "Combine", is all Combine forces including Combine soldiers, metrocops, the unique metrocops, stalkers, manhacks, scanners, breen. 3. "Hostiles", is all "Hostiles" including: Rebels, Vortigaunts, Alien Grunts, Alien Controllers, Dog, and Alyx, but not Antlions.

Use: You should use the HEAllowUse with hackable Combine Force shields in some cases. You should use it, when you want the Hostiles to take a longer route to the Combine Main Frame when the Shield is not hacked and enabled. Or if the shield is hacked then you want the Combine forces to take longer routes.

You should not use it for Combine Force Shields where the Force Shield is the only route to the Main Frame. When an NPC is spawned it tries to build a path to get to the Main Frame, is blocked by a Combine Shield that uses a info_node_link the NPC wont start walking towards the Main Frame, but will instead stay in its spawn area. For example, in tr_backbone the two Combine Force Shields protecting the Main Frame room do not have info_node_links in them, since the NPCs always need to get to that general area, into the generator room.

In tr_backbone there is info_node_link_controllers in both Combine Force Shields. But even when they are on all the Hostiles can still walk through the barn to the Advisor Pod, they just have to take a longer route. If the Shield is hacked, then they can take a lot shorter route. The gate and the garage door in Leech also use info_node_link_controllers, but they use the "None" choice for Allow Pass When Off since no NPC should try to build a path through them when they are closed.


Allow Pass When Off (HEAllowUse)
Choices: None, Combine, Hostiles.

Input functions

Fire this when the generator is disabled so that now all NPCs can build paths that go through the Combine Shield.

Fire this when the generator is enabled so that only the NPCs that you selected with Allow Pass When Off will build navigation paths that go through it.

Integer value for the different Allow Pass When Off choices.
0 : None
1 : Combine
2 : Hostiles

In the hlss_combine_wall add an output OnHackedEnable to call this input function with the integer 2 (for Hostiles). OnNormalEnable call this input function wit the integer 1 (for Combine). Now when the shield is on and hacked Hostiles will try to walk through it, but Combines will take a longer route.

See also: Combine Force Shields, hlss_combine_wall

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