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hlss_spawn_limiter & hlss_spawn_limiter_brush

The spawn limiters restrict spawning of NPCs only to inside the radius or the brush. This is to have the NPCs only to come from one direction, and not have them spawn inside, let's say, the Combine base. If there's even one spawn limiter with group id the same as that of hlss_dynamic_npc_spawner, that spawner can only spawn on the spawn limiters rules. Disabling the limiter will stop the NPCs to spawn on that area (if for example, an unhacked Combine shield is up, you don't want the Hostiles to spawn behind it).


Group Id
To correspond with the Group Id of a hlss_dynamic_npc_spawner.

If disabled, no NPCs will spawn here. If all spawn limiters with for the group are disabled, the NPCs can't spawn.

The size of the area. There should be atleast one ai node inside the radius.

Spawn Flags:
  • Only limit NPC spawners with my group (GLOBAL)
  • Only allow NPC spawners with the same group

Input functions

Enable spawning NPCs here

Disable spawning NPCs here

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