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Search Points will be included in Beta 1.0.6 and later versions.

Search points can be used to make NPCs search for something. When they have no enemies or Main Frame to attack, the AI will select a hlss_search_point based on the distance and last time that search point was checked. If they encounter an enemy during their way to the search point, they will stop walking to it.

The entity will be used for example for the metrocops to search for Eli in Black Mesa East.

Currently there's two types of search points: one for the Combine forces, and one for the Hostiles. The Combine forces that support it are npc_metropolice and all the unique metrocops (npc_anders, npc_eloise, npc_noah, and npc_larson). Hostiles that support the behavior are npc_alyx, npc_citizen, npc_vortigaunt, npc_aliengrunt, npc_aliencontroller.


Search Type
What type of NPC is this search point meant for: Combine or Hostile.

If NPCs should try to come to this search point or not.

The radius an NPC has to be in to mark this search point as checked.

Input functions



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