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Olivia targets are used to determine what Olivia can do for Anders. The Director goes through the Olivia Targets and sees if any of them can be used by Anders. It then chooses one of them and spawns Olivia. The glow effect and Description is turned on the model (Target entity name). Anders must be looking at the model to activate the olivia target. Olivia then does her sequence and OnOliviaUsed output fires.


Does the target start enabled. If disabled Olivia can't use this target anymore (and stops doing the target if Olivia is already perfoming it).

Target entity name
Name of the model entity the player must be looking when using the "Ask Olivia" key in order to activate this Olivia target.

Description to show in the location of this entity when the target is enabled. Use '/' for line break.

If you use # in the beginning of the string, and it refers to one of the lines in the resource files, the string will be localized. Currently the following lines can be found:

#Olivia_Healthkit Heal me
#Olivia_SMG1 Give me SMG1
#Olivia_Shotgun Give me Shotgun
#Olivia_AR2 Give me AR2
#Olivia_RPG Give me RPG
#Olivia_EmpTool Give me / the Emp Tool
#Olivia_Canister Open the canister
#Olivia_Cell_Door Open the cell door
#Olivia_Generator Disable the Generator

Reuse delay.

What the Director's Difficulty must be at minimum for the Director to be able to use this target.

Name of the sequence for Olivia to play when doing this target. Open Olivia's model in Model Viewer and go to Sequence tab to view different sequences.

How to get to the position of this olivia target once the target has been activated. Choices: Walk, Run, Dance, Lead. Lead is currently translated to Run as it is not working properly.

Item to give
Instead of walking to the position of the olivia target and and doing the animation determined in Sequence, walk to the player and give them item defined here. Choices: Healthkit, SMG1, Shotgun, AR2, RPG, Emp Tool (only if Anders is a Revealed Traitor).

Input functions

Enable this olivia target.

Disable this olivia target.

Output functions

Fired when the Anders player has succesfully used the target.

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