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Mantarays will be included in Beta 1.0.6 and later versions.

Mantarays can be used to spawn Vortigaunts, Alien Grunts, and Alien Controllers. When a Mantaray is enabled, the hlss_dynamic_npc_spawner wont try to spawn NPCs, but rather will wait for the Mantarays to fly into position to spawn the NPCs. If all Mantaray Spawners are disabled the dynamic spawners will starts spawning NPCs again.

The Fly Path is needed for AI navigation. The Teleport Targets are used for locations to spawn the NPCs into. You can have multiple with the same name and the Mantaray will choose one randomly. They should be near the Fly Path. If you want to have variating paths you will have to have multiple Mantaray spawners.


Start Enabled
Is this Mantaray Spawner enabled.

Max Mantarays
How many alive Mantarays can this spawner have at one given time.

Spawn Delay
How long does it take to spawn another Mantaray. If the spawner had reached its Max Mantarays alive quota, this is also the time it will take to spawn the next Mantaray.

Fly Path
path_track to fly to the close approximity of the hlss_mantaray_teleport_target.

Teleport target
Name of the hlss_mantaray_teleport_target entities where to spawn the Xenians. There can be multiple with the same name.

Input functions

Enable the Mantaray spawner.

Disable the Mantaray spawner. The actual mantarays can still spawn NPCs after this.


This is a named entity where the Mantarays will fly to teleport NPCs.

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