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The glow entities can be used to create not only the L4D style entity glows, but by selecting the icon, also to add Objectives. All the Objectives are tied to the icon, cannot currently be disabled, and there are no custom Objectives.

The entity is used for most of the objectives and glow effects in the mod, with the exception of the Interfaces, Main Frame, Advisor Pod, and players.

Special Rules:
Grenades: Glow entities using the Grenade icon will show up to Revealed Traitor even if the glow entity has been disabled with the input function.
Thumpers: Glow entities using the Thumper icon will always show up to Traitor players. If the glow entity is disabled (which should mean the Thumper is enabled) then the objective to disable the thumper will appear to the Traitor.


Spawn Flags:
  • Show only for players who haven't revealed to be Traitors
  • Show only for Traitors
Glow enabled
Start the glow and icon / description enabled?

Maximum Distance
Maximum distance between player and the glow entity to show the glow effect and the icon / description.

Glow entity name
Name of the model entity to show the glow effect on.

Glow Color (RPG)
Colow of the glow and the icon / description.

If no Icon is selected, this is the description to show in the position of this entity. Use '/' for line break. Max 256 letters.

If an Icon selected, the description wont show up. Selection of Icons: Stalker, Hack, Recharge Generator, AR2 AltFire, Grenades, Lambda, Thumper, Headcrab Canister, Health.
The objectives for each are:

Stalker Call stalker to fix hacked interface
Recharge Generator Recharge the generator
AR2 AltFire Get AR2 AltFire Ammo for Generator
Grenades (Non-Traitor) Get Grenades to disable the Generator
Grenades (Revealed Traitor) Get Grenades to damage the Main Frame
Thumper (Non-Traitor) Turn on the thumper
Thumper (Traitor) Turn off the thumper

Input functions

Enable the glow effect and the icon / description.

Disable the glow effect and the icon / description.

Set the Color (RPG) of the glow effect and icon / description.

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