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The Dynamic Spawner is designed to spawn NPCs in a bit more controlled way, than you could do with your regular npc_template_maker. The Director which NPCs can spawn and when, how much of them there can be, and so on. The NPCs can also only spawn on ai nodes, which made coding things easier, as not to have NPCs appear inside walls.

Note: for Antlions use hlss_dynamic_antlion_spawner instead.


Template NPC Name
Name of the NPC marked as a "Template NPC" in its Spawn Flags

Group Id
Use with the Spawn Flag to spawn the NPCs only on spawn limiters with the same group id.

Dynamic Spawner Enabled
Is this spawner enabled?

Max Number of NPCs
How many NPCs of this template type can there be alive at max?

NPC Difficulty
How dangerous should the Director consider this NPC if the NPC is hostile? The higher the NPC difficulty, the smaller the Director's Difficulty needs to be. Or how useful to the player should the Consider the NPC if it's friendly? The smaller the NPC difficulty, the higher the Director's Difficulty needs to be.

First Delay
How long before the first NPC of this type can be spawned using this spawner.

Max Panic Event
How many NPCs there can be alive at max during a Panic Event.

Panic Event Full Delay
If the player's don't kill any of the NPCs, how long should it take until the spawner starts spawning even more NPCs (the max NPCs alive will then be Absolute Max Panic Event).

Absolute Max Panic Event
How many NPCs can there be alive, if the player failed to kill any of them.

Spawn Flags:
  • Only spawn on limiters with same group

Input functions

Enable Dynamic NPC Spawner

Disable Dynamic NPC Spawner

Set max NPCs alive.

Start Panic Event

Start Panic Event

Output functions

Fired when the spawner is disabled and there's no NPCs left."

See also: hlss_spawn_limiter, hlss_spawn_limiter

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