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This is the entity used to determine where the Dropships should land to spawn players and the Death Squad. If there's even one Dropship Land Position in the map, the Director will assume that the map uses them. If all the players then die, while the Director entity has the Dropships disabled, the game will end and the round restart.


Dropship Land
Name of this entity. Needs to be defines as the director refers to it when spawning a dropship.

Dropship Spawn
Name of the path_track where the Dropship is spawned, and then uses as a path to fly to the landing point (this entity).

Dropship Fly
Name of the path_track the Dropship should use to fly away to remove itself.

Player Path
If the map uses Player Path, this is the name of the brush that the players should have reached for this landing point to be enabled.

Name of NPC Dusttoff points
Used for the NPCs to run away from the landing position, so that they wont block the way for other NPCs or players.

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