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Director Sir

The Director in HLSS is a way to control the player spawning, keep up with player data such as how much health they have and how good they are doing, how many hostile NPCs there are in the map, and so on. You need to have one Director in the map for the game to work properly.


Director Enabled
If The Director is disabled, it wont allow the dynamic spawners to spawn any more NPCs, wont keep up with current data, wont spawn dropships, and wont show the Director HUD.

Director Mode
There's currently Normal Co-op Mode (which hasn't yet been properly developed), Traitor Mode, and Traitor Mode With Antlions, which gives a Revealed Traitor the Bug Bait.

Boss NPCs
Here you can choose what Boss NPCs the Director should spawn at some point. If you choose "Alyx" or "Dog" there is a small probability that they wont spawn, during the Traitor Mode round, but with "Alyx or Dog" either one of them will always spawn. Note that if you use this variable, you do not need a hlss_dynamic_npc_spawner to spawn the NPC.

Traitor Death Squad
"Death Squad" is the Combine Elite Soldier squad sent after the Traitor when he Reveals himself.

First Path
This is only necessary with Normal Co-op map with a player path. The player path is used to determine how far in the map the players have progressed.

Dropships Enabled
If the Combine Dropships are enabled for player spawning. If there is even one hlss_dropship_land in the map while the Dropships are disabled, the game will end on "All Civil Protection Officers are dead".

Dropship Delay
How long the dropship takes to spawn.

Weapon Releated Values
The values releating to weapons are mostly only to be used in Normal Coop with hlss_dynamic_weapon_point, and when you have friendly NPCs spawning with hlss_dynamic_npc_spawner. The values control when you can spawn weapons with these methods.

Input functions

Enable Dynamic NPC Spawner

Disable Dynamic NPC Spawner

Reset the start time (that is used to calculate the Difficulty, etc.)

Enable Dropship.

Disable Dropship.

Output functions

Fired when the director is disabled and there's no NPCs left.

Fired when the spawner is disabled and there's only friendly NPCs left.

See also: hlss_dynamic_npc_spawner

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