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func_tank - Mounted Machine Guns

You can find the prefab for the Mounted Machine Gun in he_coop/prefabs folder under SouceMods. When you place it in your map and rotate it, remember to to turn the angles of the func_tank and the info_target "stand here" to point into the same direction as the gun.

func_tank have few changes to make them work properly in MP. "Gun Yaw Pose Param" is set to always be "aim_yaw", and "Gun Pitch Pose Param" is set to always be "aim_pitch". Just like in EP2, the Ammo Types are handled differently. The func_tank has two input functions EnableControl and DisableControl to force the player off the machine gun when the generator is disabled.

NPC Man Point is now used also to place the player in when he starts using the machine gun, so that his player model will animate correctly with the machine gun.


Ammo Type
Choices: Pistol, SMG1, AR2, Combine Heavy Cannon.

Input functions

Enable player controlling.

Disable player control and force stop controlling if there is a player currently controlling the func_tank.

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