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Human Error Co-op

Release date is to be announced. We are going to "release soon and release often", meaning we are planning to get a first version beta with one or two maps as soon as possible. The coop is currently four player max, while in Traitor Mode, a Traitor is only selected if there's three or four players.


Traitor Mode

Oh no! The Combine base is under attack! If the Hostiles manage to destroy the Main Frame or the Advisor Pods, the Combine loses. On top of that, there's a rumour about a Traitor amongst the Civil Protection. One that carries an Emp Tool with him, enabling him to hack the Combine interfaces and turn the Combine forces against the rest of the team.

Civil Protection: Find out who the Traitor is before he can help the Hostiles destroy the Main Frame and lose all hope of ever slaving the humanity! Do you suspect someone's a Traitor? Go to your nearest Combine Interface or Main Frame and start a vote against him, maybe others think he's the Traitor, too!

Traitor: Help the Hostiles destroy the Main Frame. Try to hack the consoles, but be careful of others seeing you carry the tool. Tired of taking heat from the Combine AND the Hostiles not knowing you work for them? Reveal yourself to be the Traitor with the special key binded to that function (see Options). But hold on! After you reveal yourself to be the Traitor you will no longer get the Emp Tool on spawn.

Combine Tech: Use Combine Interfaces to enable & disable shields and turrets, lock and unlock doors. Combine shields only let Combine forces through unless they are hacked. Use Rechargers to enable Combine generators. Throw grenades to unstable hacked generators. Find Stalkers to fix hacked Interfaces.

Read more about How To Play Traitor Mode

Alyx Mode

Alyx Mode will be enabled in Beta 1.0.6 and later versions.
In Alyx mode one of the players is selected as Alyx, before everyone selects their character. While in Traitor Mode selecting the Traitor is always random, in Alyx Mod it's based on who has longest time since he or she was last Alyx. In short Alyx Mode is like Traitor Mode with the Traitor starting as Revealed with some additions to her abilities.

Alyx has a fixed set of weapons, she can't pick up or drop weapons (except grenades). She always spawns with the Gravity Gun, Alyx Gun, Shotgun, and the Emp Tool. The Gravity Gun can be used to disable Combine Generators. Alyx also regenerators ammo for the Alyx Gun.

You can currently play Alyx Mode only in Backbone (althought there will be seperate maps for it in future releases). Instead of having to destroy the Main Frame, Alyx has to hack it. None of the Hostiles do damage or try to attack the Main Frame, they are there just to help Alyx hack it. Hacking it will take a lot longer than it takes to hack a normal Combine Interface.


In Backbone you protect a single Combine Main Frame while all the Hostiles are attacking the base. Each round either Alyx or Dog is spawned, and you have to stop them from helping the Traitor hack the Interfaces.

In Leech you protect two Advisor Pods, one crashed, and one mounted into a wall. The Hostiles (excluding the Alien Grunts) are attacking the area, but there's also Antlions spawning on the sandy areas. The Combine has to keep the Thumpers online to keep them from getting too close to the Advisor Pods. Unfortunately the Traitor can get the Bug Bait if he reveals himself.

Playable characters

You and your three friends play as the four characters from Human Error, each with their own unique abilities.


Your enemies or allies, depending if you are the Traitor:


14.  28 July 2010 - Alyx Mode and More
13.  14 July 2010 - Human Error Co-op Beta Released
11.  26 April 2010 - He's a frakking Traitor



Tero "Au-Heppa" Knuutinen - Coder / Gameplay Design
Maarten "marnamai" Frooninckx - Level Design / Gameplay Design
Ian "atis" Wiese - Voice Actor / Playtesting
Human Error EP1 Team

Special Thanks to

Trinity Games


[P17] William
[JB] foxholeboy
Hectic Glenn


The Original AI Patch SDK Docs
L4D Glow Effect Tutorial (GoldenEye: Source): SDK Docs

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