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Human Error EP1 - Characters


Voice Actor: Victoria 'CatzEyes93' Teunissen

Eloise is prime Civil Protection material in that she works counterpoint to the name in the most absolute of polar extremes. Unashamedly psychopathic, Eloise operates with a zero tolerance principle. She reviles people most especially those close to her and fuels her misanthropic life with copious amounts of contempt and disdain for her peers. Her words, though dripping with sarcasm, reveal her to be an intelligent and competent being; she is fully aware of the moral implications of her actions, and of the dangerous axis on which she exists. She realises her life could be taken at any moment, and has no delusions regarding her place in the Combine empire she lives to the full in what way she can. This is to say, killing people, insulting people, and accumulating food coupons.

Specifically, Eloise takes a dislike to Larson. She is very easily annoyed by his bumbling nature, and finds the irony of his place in the Combine too much for her to cope with she is very aware of hypocrisy, which serves only to hone her pessimistic nature.

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