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Human Error EP1 - Characters


Voice Actor: Robert 'Duke Robear' Ducat

Noah is the most down-to-earth of the CP team. Unfortunately, this is not to say he is an improvement of character. No, former Lawyer Noah is an insufferable egocentric – he does not take his position seriously in the way Larson does, but he is a firm believer of maintaining standards and acting in a professional and cordial manner. How ironic, then, that his two key team members are, respectively, a buffoon and a psychopath; one is hopelessly deranged, the other incapable of serious engagement. But Noah is man trained to deal with the worst-of-the-worst – he utilises strict authority to control Larson, and feigns competing with Eloise for kill quota. He likes to think it keeps her mind on the job.

Noah considers himself the team leader, and lavishes in authority; giving the commands, directing the team, and acting as chief liaison with Overwatch are some of his favourite pastimes. In order to enforce this, he often hits Larson across the back of the head with his stunstick. He once cracked it across Eloise’s ass, but the incident that followed prompted him never to do it again.

Note that the voice actor in the video is not Robert Ducat

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