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Human Error EP1 - Characters


Voice Actor: Phillip 'PlanetPhillip' Marlowe

Larson is a buffoon. Thoroughly unaware of his own unreserved stupidity, he persists as the bumbling fool of the Civil Protection team; disliked, scorned, and viewed to be wholly ignominious by his partners in crime.

Larson joined Civil Protection to survive, in what was perhaps his only moment of lucid thought. He wasn’t entirely sure what he had signed up for, but the steady supply of food coupons and the nice man on the monitors soon convinced him he had made the right choice. Gradually, he began to nurture the budding seeds of idealism – he had, for the first time in his life, been given a role of significant authority, and rather than believe he to be an oppressor, was more inclined to think of his position as serving a greater good. The Combine, he argued, was surely not all that bad. Larson proclaimed the clue was in the name: Civil Protection; and was quite content with his own deductive analysis.

Ultimately, Larson was re-located to a Scandinavian town of some importance to the Combine. Larson believed this to be a reward for his own subservience, but it was quite the contrary – his team at City 8 had entered his name into the re-location gamble for months on end, finally hitting jackpot when it was announced he was to be re-located.

Despite appearances, it must be recognised that Larson is a dangerous, unhinged little man. His zealous belief in the Combine has manifested itself in volatile ways; there is no school of thought or critical analysis of their occupation on Earth, he simply clings to a single, poorly-conceived idea. With this in mind, his attitude towards those who resist could be viewed as intolerant at best – he will shoot to kill. "Fucking savages."

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