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15 February 2012 - LAST ZOMBIE

Today we are releasing a small mod called LAST ZOMBIE. It was originally supposed to take a week to make, but as I was having a small writer's block, it took a break, and finished it now only week later. I didn't make any custom models or animations for it, even though I did use models from Human Error and Water. I also used some of the code from Water and our next big unannounced project for the third person camera and such.

So, LAST ZOMBIE is a third person adventure horror game taking place in the Half-Life 2 Universe. It tells the tragic tale of a man named Paul, who is haunted by the past and emotions he has forgotten about since the Combine took over. Life outside City 17 is dangerous, but with the chemically altered water and the Suppression Field, and the bullying of the Civil Protection force life is soon without meaning.

Can Paul find what was lost to him? Can he find a way to be a human again?


   The Horror

Waking to a Nightmare


Paul & Cassandra


You can download LAST ZOMBIE from here:


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by Au-heppa
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