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13 November 2011 - Water Released

Water is a third person adventure puzzle solving game with a tongue in the cheek feel. You play as the titular mermaid Water, travelling to the Fishtown populated by the apathic Fish People. As the Spirit Of Water you will have a set of magical powers to help you achieve your goals.

If you didn't see the release trailer yet, here it is once again:

Release Trailer







The HLSS Team behind Water:
Tero "Au-heppa" Knuutinen
Henri "Leon_Kilean" Tervapuro
Dennis "Entru" Yaremov
Marcello Bortolino

With voice acting by:
Vanessa Cohen
Alistair J. Davey

With special thanks to:
Ross Gardner
Adam Coltman
Patrick Wilson

We will be live on Podcast 17 next Saturday, 19th of November 2011. It will be also available for download the next week. Check it out if you are interested on hearing our awful accents or how Water was made.

To play Water use the installer, or use Desura, or unpack the .zip file to SourceMods so that the mod folder is called "water". You will have to have Source SDK Base 2007 installed on your Steam account. You can install Source SDK Base 2007 by accessing the Tools section in your Games Library. You need to have a Source engine game like Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike Source, or Portal to have Source SDK Base 2007 available.

If you downloaded the 1.0.2 version or lower and you are having trouble with the skeleton, try downloading the 1.0.3 Patch. You may need to restart the map you are playing for the patch to take effect. For instructions on how to install the patch or if you have other problems: Water Bugs & Problems. The current Installer version is 1.0.3, download from below:

[Comment on Moddb]

by Au-heppa
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