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28 July 2010 - Alyx Mode and More

So, it's about two weeks after the release of the Traitor Mode, and we have been working on some updates. There's some crashes we have fixed, and also some small issues with Larson's healthkit, Noah's ammo supply, HLTV and so on. We also added the Director hud to show the Revealed Traitor's avatar, and added the ability for the players playing on a server to vote for a map change during the first minute of a round. This small update will be either released in a little bit when we have some more small fixes done, or when we release the next map.

Speaking of maps... We currently three maps planned. One is where you will have to protect Breen from the Hostiles, another one is where the Hostiles will be spawned via the Mantarays from HE EP1 and the Civil Protection will be aided by the Combine Air Defense. The third map is a bit different, as it introduces the Alyx Mode.

The difference with Alyx Mode to Traitor Mode is simply that player starts as "Revealed Traitor". Alyx will also have a fixed set of weapons including the Gravity Gun, Alyx Gun, Shotgun, and the Emp Tool. She can't drop or pick up any other weapons (except grenades). In the one Alyx Mode map we have planned, Alyx will try to hide Eli from the other three players, while they try to find and kill him to win.

Again, if you are interested in helping us with map or creating the community, check out the tutorials at our website, or post a comment on our moddb forums. We are interested on finding level designers not only for Traitor Mode / Alyx Mode maps, but the full coop campaigns as well that we plan to work on later.

Also tell us what you like and don't like about the mod, or if you have encountered any bugs, tell us what they were.

Special thanks to DuckSauce, Neico, and Trinity Games.

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by Au-heppa
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