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14 July 2010 - Human Error Co-op Beta Released

Traitor Mode Released

Today we are releasing the beta – or perhaps more accurately the alpha - version of Human Error co-op. Our intention is to design the second episode of Human Error around the co-op concept we’ve built, with the game picking up where the first episode left off. The beta doesn't have any normal co-op maps, but depending on how well the concept is received, and how well the multiplayer, network, and dynamic npc spawning code works, we will be going forward with it in further instalments of Human Error.

The beta includes currently two maps: Backbone and Leech, both utilising Traitor Mode. We also have more ideas up our sleeves for future maps – two of which are on their way – with slight variations on the core concept. Ultimately, the future of these releases rests in reception, and our own creative output.

What is Traitor Mode

Traitor Mode is set firmly within the established Human Error world, with players taking on the roles of main characters Anders, Noah, Eloise and Larson. The civil protection team are pitted once again against the rebel forces, but this time there’s an additional danger: one member of the team is a traitor. It’s up to players to figure out who the traitor is before they allow the rebels to complete their objective.

Traitor Mode - Intro

Playing & Custom Maps

While we don't have dedicated servers of our own, we have been playtesting the game with one of the players hosting the game. We have tried to optimize the game so that it's still playable without dedicated.

UPDATE: We now do have dedicated servers hosted by Trinity Games.

Join our Steam group to organize games

You can find tutorials and hints about how to get started and tactics for each side on HERE.

Interested in custom mapping or joining the team? Check out the level design tutorials on in-depth explanations of how the different entities work, how to set up a map for traitor mode, how to make hackable Combine interfaces, add Main Frames, Machine Guns, and more.


Translating Human Error

Interested in translating Human Error Co-op to your language? Human Error can be made to support any language Steam and Source supports. So, if you would like to help us, head here.

Questions, Suggestions, Comments, Bugs

Go to our forums at Moddb.

Human Error Co-op & Traitor Mode team:

Tero "Au-heppa" Knuutinen - Gameplay Design / Coding
Maarten "marnamai" Frooninckx - Gameplay Design / Level Design

Ross "Samon" Gardner – Writer / British Person

Ian "Atisbear" Wise - Voice Actor of Anders
Robert "Duke Robear" Ducat - Voice Actor of Noah
Victoria "CatzEyes93" Teunissen - Voice Actor of Eloise
Phillip "PlanetPhillip" Marlowe - voice Actor of Larson
Tristen "toaster leigh" West - Voice Actor of Olivia

Thanks for the following peeps for both playtesting and contributing ideas:

Marcello Bortolino
Nicky Richardson
Patrick Wilson
Henri Tervapuro
Nick Bluefire
Adam Coltman
William McMahon
Cameron Fraize
Oskari Samiola
Glenn Lawrence

Download Human Error Coop

Download links

[Human Error Co-op - Beta 1.0.5 Installer]
[Human Error Co-op - Beta 1.0.6 Patch]


   Main Frame



Advisor Pod

   Air Strike

Dedicated servers hosted by:

[Comment on Moddb]
by Au-heppa
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