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29 May 2010 - Alien Grunt & Controller Give Away

Today I came home and found my apartment and furniture all burnt. Then I went to the fridge and found the salami covered in bees. When I was in the bathroom the Alien Grunt suddenly decided that he had to break the door down. It was at that moment I realised they had to go.

Alien Grunt

   Alien Controller

So, today we are giving away the code for the Alien Grunt and Alien Controller. Hopefully people will find the tutorial helpful and we will see these guys somewhere else than my apartment. You can start by going to the Tutorials section on our website and download the files needed to add these guys into your mod. The zip includes the source code, the models, the materials, the script files, and the model source files (but no sounds). The tutorial is a bit complicated, but all steps are needed to add the Xenians correctly into a mod.

Thanks to Bluefire from In Development for testing the Tutorial and making sure it works.

Meanwhile, we are working hard on Human Error Coop. We have set ourselves a deadline for 30th of June to release the first beta version. This version will have, as currently planned, two Traitor Mode maps (Backbone and Leech). If you are not yet familiar with Coop or the Traitor Mode, check out the teaser:

Traitor Mode

The Traitor Mode is about sabotaging the other Civil Protection players, trying to help the Hostiles (Xenians and Rebels) to destroy a Combine Main Frame or Advisor Pods. While players who simply attack the Main Frame won't usually manage to destroy it before time runs out, players who sneakily disable turrets and Combine shields without others noticing are usually more succesful. If others find out that you are the Traitor, you have a lot harder time hacking Combine Interfaces. They can start a vote on a Combine Interface to mark you as Hostile. If the vote is succesful, all Combine forces will attack you, and blue Combine shields will no longer let you through.

You can read a bit more about how it all works here.

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by Au-heppa
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