Alien posters

Interested in helping with From Earth? We are looking artists to help us with posters and other logos for the alien world. This would work as contributions only and not a "full time position".

Send your work to to with the subject "Alien posters".

  • You would need to have full rights for the image you send us. (You can't use textures, photos, or other art made by other people that don't agree to have it used it in the game.)
  • You would keep rights for the image, but we would be allowed to use it in the game and any possible sequel or DLC.
  • We can't offer any kind of compensation, even if the game later goes commercial.
  • You will be fully credited.

We are looking for posters and store logos. If the poster or logo has text it should use the alien font. You can download it from here. All text should also be in the alien language.

Alien words:

Warning Zatto
Store Sisilusy Pasi-y
Book Paskri-y
Coffee Tery
Bread Entry
Beer Grogy
Bottle Zazuryty
Toilet Zaphoohy
Hospital Pakroohraidi
Factory Ruumidi
Home Asuidi

If you want to make a logo with some other text, you can e-mail at

Colors also have different meaning for the aliens:
  • Yellow / Gold: Good
  • Purple: Bad / Berserk
  • Blue: Bad / Dangerous
  • Green: Bad / Serious
  • Black: Security
  • Red: Important
Other details:
  • They have three fingers
  • Their numbers are three based rather than 10
  • Their horns have a big meaning in their society
  • Try to avoid using signs that are typical for humans like X
Here's some existing concept art and screenshots of the aliens: Here's some logo examples:

Some example posters that haven't been drawn yet: